An aspiring wordsmith with an ephemeral attention span, drawn to stirring ideas and visual images that evoke thought and awaken an inner consciousness. Ever eager to grasp an understanding of differing perceptions arising from cultural nuances and subtle variations in the way we view the world around us.

The owner has a weak spot for fast cars. He is at times prone to misanthropy but given some space, he will return to his happy self. He craves excitement brought about by change to his surroundings and the people he meets, for stagnation and predictability bore him and cause overwhelming disinterest.


Anyone can say ‘I love you.’ Look out for those who will give you the last bite of their ice cream. Grand gestures impress you but it’s the little things that you can’t live without.

Bar grub at Red Squirrel

Red Squirrel stocks over 20 craft beers and ales on draft, with an equally impressive menu of burgers. It’s a must-visit for me when in Edinburgh.

Red chilli squid with lemon and garlic mayo

After driving north from the Lake District, we spent our first evening at Red Squirrel, a bar I read about that stocks over 20 varieties of craft beer and ales on draft. Apart from booze, the place is also known for its extensive menu of burgers – I counted 10 different varieties during my visit but the menu could well have changed since last summer.

The interior consists of regular dining tables…

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Trying to brainstorm pitch ideas around yet another holiday

Ha ha


Trying to brainstorm pitch ideas around yet another holiday

Ha ha

Digging into Dancing Crab

Lobster roll

This year, we decided to celebrate my dad’s birthday at Dancing Crab, a seafood restaurant linked to the TungLok Group but more importantly, it serves Cajun seafood with a strong influence by Creole cuisine. I stumbled upon Dancing Crab in May as I was at the Grandstand in search of lunch options, only to discover that Modern Asian Diner had been replaced by this. The concept isn’t new – The…

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Two days in the Lake District

For a lifelong urban dweller, a couple of days in the Lake District can be a welcome retreat from an unrelenting city life. It’s an area of boundless natural beauty in the summer, selflessly sharing its panoramic landscapes of mountains, crags, tarns and of course, lakes to whoever decides to visit and enjoy the countryside.

The view from our room

The view from our room

Having set out from London in the morning, with a…

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Assembly Coffee - Don’t be late!

Assembly proudly considers itself part of the third wave coffee movement. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, and haters gonna hate, but at $4.50 for a flat white, this is the real deal.

Flat white

I’ve walked past the entrance to Assembly Coffee a couple of times when heading to Mr Prata for dinner after a few rounds of Ultimate with some folks after work. This past Sunday, I finally made it to the cafe with Pris for brunch, and I’m glad I did.

Assembly proudly considers itself party to the third wave coffee movement. They state it boldly at the bottom of a single-page website. To the more…

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A beach-side dinner in Bali’s BREEZE

Overlooking Seminyak Beach, BREEZE offers a beachfront setting and an unimpeded view of Bali’s sunset.

Dinner by the beach

The journey to BREEZE at The Samaya from our resort took us some time, but I knew it would be worth it the moment we arrived in the late afternoon. As one would have come to expect in a locale renowned for its hospitality, we were warmly welcomed and despite arriving ahead of our reservation, the front of house staff was accommodating and took us to our table, which overlooked the shore.


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Necessary Provisions - A pleasant hangout

Necessary Provisions - A pleasant and novel hangout tucked away deep in Eng Kong Terrace

Iced coffee with milk

It’s no secret that I enjoy a nice cup of coffee, whether it’s a shot of aromatic espresso, a creamy, full-bodied flat white, or a cooling iced latte. I am not, however, fussed about latte art, as that is garnish which will never compensate for sub-par beans or burnt milk.

Occasionally, though, I will indulge in a little novelty, which brings me to Necessary Provisions, a corner cafe at Eng Kong…

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Old is Gold - Fosters Steakhouse

Fosters is an English cafe-cum-steakhouse at the corner of Holland Village. I’d been there at least a decade ago with my father for lunch, and thought now would be as good a time as any to return with Pris for a meal.


Late in the afternoon on Sunday, we were pondering what we might have for dinner. The idea of steamboat (which I dislike with much vitriol for reasons unexplained) was tossed out, and barbecue restaurants were on the table until we realised the majority of them were Korean (which cuisine I’m not particularly fond of) and that the Japanese alternative was pricey to the point of deterrence. We…

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On the Table - Great coffee and brunch fare


After picking through Honeycombers’ list of new cafes in Singapore in search of one that’s reasonably near the central area, I decided to check out On the Table, which is opened by the same team behind Lola’s Cafe in Kovan. Knowing that Dutch Colony Coffee Co. supplies the beans to this cafe made the decision an easier one. Their beans often deliver a strong body, a characteristic I really like…

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Getting the perfect sear.. at Rock Bar in Bali

For once, I was really hoping to just get on with it

Last November, we spent a week in Bali with a trip to the picturesque Rock Bar at AYANA Resort and Spa. Located along the resort’s 1.3-kilometre coastline, Rock Bar’s claim to fame stems from its innovative and minimalist design, where patrons enjoy a panoramic view of the horizon while being propped up more than 10 metres above the ocean. You can find out more about their accolades and design…

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A stopover lunch at Le Bistrot Pierre

Boeuf braisé

On the first day of our road trip in the UK, we left our friend’s apartment in Baker Street, London, early in the morning, rolling six days’ worth of combined luggage across a few streets towards Edgware station to pick up our rental car from Sixt (more on our rental and driving experience in another post).

We planned to drive from London to the Lake District in a day, so had to stop along the…

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Argentine steak in London, by Gaucho

Bife de ancho

When we were in London last year, Pris put forward Hawksmoor and Gaucho, two restaurants immediately known for their steaks. Hawksmoor‘s website bills itself as “the best steak restaurant in London”, sourcing its beef from native cattle breeds in Britain, which are supposedly the most flavourful. Gaucho, on the other hand, serves up the “finest Argentine steaks” with a dedication to the…

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A satisfying North Indian meal

I’m not the biggest fan of Asian cuisine in general, and it takes some really punchy yet mainstream flavours to gain my acceptance where regional food is concerned. As a result, my exposure to Indian food has been limited to the very basic roti prata, murtabak and occasional curry. It was therefore quite an eye-opener for me when one afternoon, we decided on a North Indian restaurant near the…

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